1.  Organizational Consultanting
   James Spencer & Associates is first and foremost an organizational consultanting firm.
No two organizations are the same and there are many components to organizational effectiveness.
Our model is a three step collaborative approach.
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2.  Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is an organizational intervention designed to further develop executives who have performance areas that need strengthening. Perhaps you've identified someone in your organization who has the intelligence and creativity you desire but lacks interpersonal skills, or you have someone with great technical skills who is reluctant to express an opinion or fully become part of the team.
Executive Coaching helps people reach their full potential. Each coaching is customized and designed to help each client overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their success.

Coaching for Sensitivity and Awareness

This type of coaching is designed for individuals who are unaware and/or insensitive to appropriate behaviors in the workplace. These coaching candidates may conduct inappropriate conversations that are offensive and open up the organizations to charges of harassment.
Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is a service for the highly motivated who feels stuck and/or confused about where they are or where they are going in their personal life and career. This type of coaching provides an opportunity to explore their situation to the fullest so that the client will understand what actions need to be taken to achieve the results they desire.
3.  Training

Diversity Training

Diversity training is designed to build bridges of understanding and eliminate barriers that get in the way of people working with one another.
Diversity means differences. Leveraging diversity within your organization means creating an environment where everyone regardless of their difference can grow flourish and thrive.
Every training is interactive and customized for the client. In a typical session, participants will learn;

The definition of diversity

Harassment Prevention Training (Sexual or other)

Harassment Prevention Training is designed to raise the awareness and increase sensitivity to the issues of workplace harassment. Participants will learn the potentially devastating consequences of offensive behavior to the victim, the company and to the offender. Participants will learn what constitutes harassment and discover the forms that aren't always obvious.

Participants will learn:
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